SSS Space Saving Solutions - custom designed built in solutions- to suit your needs & budget
Commercial   Kitchens
....and Restaurant Design .
The principal of SSS Space Saving Solutions was an award winning restaurateur for over 20 years and entered the Domestic Joinery design and construction market via extensive operations and design experience in this commercial field.
Key Elements to consider in designing a commercial Kitchen
.... basically the same as Domestic !
....or rather Domestic is basically the same as Commercial !
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Movement and traffic flow
  • Dry goods wetgoods – fridge and freezer and pantry
  • Movement – reach/paces/efficiency of movement
  • Heights ( lifting and bending )           
  • Dining room   - Flexibility - Aesetics - service flow
  • Mood - privacy - intimacy -  lighting    
  • Visual appeal …. From Outside …. From Inside   
  • Table layoutMaximise  seating occupancy
  • Maximum flexibility of layout / configuration
  • Visual appeal of layout
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