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When we are are designing
a Domestic Kitchen
there are 4 key  Elements that we will consider .
1. Storage  !     
Places to put everything !   
  • Pots, Pans Trays Bowls Plates Cups and Saucers  etc
  • Fresh Foods
  • Dry Foods and packaged goods
  • Appliances
  • Cookbooks and artifacts
  • and often these days .. a computer terminal !
2. Work/bench space !
Clear open spaces to work and serve on .... many as space constraints allow ... ideally ajacent to the main work areas : sink and cooktop and oven .
3.  Functionality !
Minimise the distances we have to move and reach as we work , and arrange the kitchen elements so that the logical sequences of preparation thru to serving,  flow in the best possible logical order . Also we must not forget .. waste management , cleaning utensils and equipment, and energy and water conservation issues.
4 . Aescetics !
 The kitchen is one of the main defining features of the modern  living environment and we need to consider finish and colours and texture of surfaces, appliances, and furniture.
These days it is most usually integrated with the main family and/or living areas of the house. We spend lots of 'real' time there with both family and friends .
So it needs to be a pleasing environment for our own particular tastes and a statement of how we live and the things that we love.
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